Collective-S is a software services organization formed by Umesh Nigudkar. Umesh has 16 Years of experience in IT. Before forming Collective-S he worked with various companies that include Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Capgemini. His experience has been on various technologies that include .NET, various Windows softwares like SQL server and SharePoint. Umesh also has experience in managing large size teams and delivering projects using Agile project methodologies.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."


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Mobile-Apps Development Collective-S has been a Mobile apps focused company ever since it was founded. The most important thing to us was not only provide products that client would love but also contribute from with our tech know how and maximize the value client gets from the solution built….


A complete e-commerce service is offered at Collective-S for all product types and budgets. Our focus is generating a return on investment for our clients.We can simply pour your products into our great looking templates and apply your branding or we can take you on a journey from persona…


Get a design that design that not only looks good but logically flows from one step to the next. Makes the product usage simpler for end user.


Web Application development Web application development is one of our core strengths. We have developed web application for both Windows and Linux Platform. We have built following web applications HTC DOP HTC required a solution which binds all its parties involved in providing replacement phone to the user in…


Get custom built business applications that help you increase productivity, to measure productivity and to perform business functions accurately.


Benefit from years of project management experience and knowledge from certified PMP and scrum master.


My First App Smart Traveler

Smart Phones are one of the best technologies to happen in recent times. A lot of apps help in actually simplifying human life and make things possible that previously were not. Apps like online payment, ticket bookings, train tickets, you name them and they are there for every field.
Then there are apps like Ola, Uber which make things possible that previously were not. When I had my first phone little did I know that it will become a reason for me to give up my Job! I was quite hooked on to my first Smart Phone and various apps started to capture my imagination on what kind of apps were possible. I was keen to learn Android app development and try out a app myself. But then I thought its better to have some great Idea to execute first. I had few apps in mind but not clear thoughts on what it would be. I is to travel for an hour to my office so I made good use of that time. I is to close my eyes and only evaluate various ideas, either throw them out completely or think on various pros and cons. One of thing observed was whenever I opted to go by Car I is to see so many people going to office in a car with lone person driving the car. And few people proudly in there big cars, environment doesn’t matter, the pain they create for others doesn’t matter, only self and so called comfort matters. It was annoying to see that as its painful and very slow moving traffic in Mumbai. I is to try and convince colleagues in office staying near by my office to do car pool. But it never worked well especially because we didn’t have common time to go back home because of work pressure. I searched through various carpool sites and checked if that could work for me. But none of the sites looked good for it, most of them seemed to struggle to get enough number. So a thought crossed my mind why not have Carpool App. Android GPS, showing people on the map where they were was a great feature which was never possible before. I thought it would be very useful for building some apps around it. I quickly checked Google play store if there were already apps for Carpool in Mumbai and the result pleased me there wasn’t a single app doing this. It was like Wow, I am going to create a Carpool app then.

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