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Innovation stops for no one, we live in a world where technology involves so fast that tech products/services get outdated within a few weeks. So to survive in the market we have to be updated with the latest technology.(Nissan App)

Nissan keep on upgrading their tech with recent trends and we made an amazing mobile application for Nissan with tons of features like locating nearby authorized company service centers from registered data on the app, 3d car models with 360 degree exterior as well as interior view insight with perfect dimensions and components placements, car spare parts were made available in the service centers.

As service centers were able to locate by the app it was easy to get spare parts or get your vehicle serviced, Basic information about the cars like proper specifications and features made easier to understand, All types of color schemes were available on the app to choose from as per your preference and exclusive  features listed on the app.

Nissan app has been available for android and ios as well with great support the app works flawlessly without any issues and the end customer will definitely be so happy with the app for what it’s providing to a new customer and an existing customer.

There is an proper login system to make a profile on the app for new customers and existing ones as well to keep a track of services and features of the car since there are different types of software updates

every couple of months. There are various types of the car listed on the app for example: Crossover, SUV, Sedan and even their variants of petrol, diesel were all available on the app

We can even request for Test Drive for any particular model through the app, the car will be available at the pickup point and the consumer can go for a test drive and check it out whether the car suits his/her needs or not which will eventually help him decide whether to buy or not to buy a certain car model.

There is even an option for getting a brochure of the company for referring to the different types of car models and their details which will be directly delivered to the customer.

There is a Loyalty Program for the customers who own 2 or more cars in his/her name or Immediate family. In the program there are special benefits and treatment and privileges that add to your enjoyment and delight. 

Service appointments can be placed through the app for service schedule as per the availability and preferred time slot the car will be serviced according to your need and feedback form for the Nissan app is available for customer feedback and what all changes should be implemented in the app and service too.

An app that offers so many features was created and developed by @Collective s software.