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Nowadays, since everything is getting digitized with it’s process of work, it would be so much easier and quicker for getting a doctor’s appointment with an online app (VM Care) as all the doctors would be registered on the app so even we can get an appointment from a certain specialist.

The app gets all the data registered of the Doctors, Patients and even the staff members for providing better results. All the nearby doctor’s clinics or hospitals were registered on the app so they could provide the online doctor’s appointment through the app itself.

As the time and date slot are provided to the certain patients for the visit. Staff members were also able to execute the appointment process but with the authority of the doctor and by knowing their schedule as well. Patient basic details like full name, contact details, address are important while registering into the app for creating a personal profile, one can even add 2 family members in the same profile.

Patients can even share his/her past health records for keeping the track of the patient’s health, there are certain features like Medicine reminders, Health-checkup reminder, doctor follow-ups on VM Care.

There are different types of groups available with different diagnostics for all the patients to join them and get various updates about the certain diagnosis and if someone wants to chat privately with the doctor they have the option for personal chat.

There are settings of this app in which we can edit our personal information, add/edit a new family member in our profile and even we can join/view different groups for various types of diagnostics for better understanding of the consumer. 

There is a Life Saving feature available on the app which is known as self detecting emergency for eg. Road Accidents, Heart Attacks, or any other emergencies the app will immediately send ambulance help to the victim and even notify his/her family members about the ongoing situation which is really a good move during such an emergency informing family members is important as they can take some preventive measures in the favor of the victim.

Even medicines, tablets, syrups are available on the app to be ordered online through proper description of the doctor. 

There is a integrated payment gateway for online payment of the doctor’s visit or the consumer can directly pay cash to the doctor after the check up and while ordering the medicines the patients can also use the mode of digital payments like UPI, Internet Banking, Cards, and as always there is an option for COD (Cash on Delivery).

Refer code is also available in which one user can refer the app to a friend, family member, colleague in which there is a mutual benefit for the existing user and new user as well.

Redeem points and discounts are also available on the app for customer retention. After 3 or more visits to the doctor some of the points get added in the profile of the certain consumer. Cashback and offers related to this could be found on the reward section or scratching cards on various commercial apps.

An app that offers so many features was created and developed by @Collective s software.